Modern machinery and devices are used for: 

-spring production
-spring heat treatment process
-spring grinding
-wire bending
-tube bending
-stamping and bending parts
-resistance welding
-wire overmolding
-fluidization process

We also make wire and other elements covering with plastic material in injection moulds or fluidization process.

We provide services of manufacturing elements of production and control tools.

Production of spring and products made of steel tape

We specialize in the production of springs made of:
-spring wire (phosphated and galvanized)
-stainless steel spring wire
-oil tempered spring wire
-bronze spring wire
– tin coated wire
-high carbon and low carbon steel tape
– hardening tapes

Production range:
– compression and extension spring: from 0,2 to 8 mm. (in extension spring we make a full range of hooks types)
– torsion spring ( different shapes) from 0,2 to 4,0 mm.
– torsion bars ( automotive manufactures): from 4 to 7,5 mm
– zig zag spring : from 2,5 to 4,0 mm ( zig zag springs are made with lengths from 250 to 1100 also zig zag springs rolled up in a circle with a length of up to 25 m

The range of tapes thickness and the maximum length of their application in the production of springs and tape products:
– steel strip thickness from 0,1 to 1,5 mm : 160 mm
– steel strip thickness from 0,1 to 1,5 mm : 160 mm

Our machine park is equipped with:
-CNC Spring coiling machines for the spring production
– CNC Grinding Machine for the grinding of springs top
-Heat treatment in tunnel kilns
-Bihler machines
-Wafios machines for zig zag springs

We provide the following springs cover:
-Delta seal
-Zinc(different colours of passivation )

Bend wire products

We provide manufacturing of bend wire products from the following wires:
-low-carbon steel wires with no surface coating or with coatings as follows: phosphated, coppered and zinc
-spring steel wire without surface coating or with phosphated and zinc coating

Wire bending is conducted on wires with diameter ranging from :
-low carbon steel wire from 3 to 12 mm
-spring steel wire from 0,6 to 7,5 mm
-spring steel wire for car seats ( case and foam) from 1,5 mm to 3,0 mm

Wire bending is performed on automatic CNC machines:
-Single-Head Wire Benders
-Multiple-Head Wire Benders
Tube bending is conducted with diameter ranging to 10 mm (maximum wall thickness: 1 mm)

We can provide the following surface treatments:
-Delta seal
-Zinc(different colours of passivation )

Welded products

We are equipped with welding robot stations as follows:
Welding stations are integrated with rotary tables.

We can provide manual welding for unit products.
We provide surface treatments of welded products:
-KTL painting
-powder coating

Resistance welded products

We provide resistance welding. We are equipped with :
-multi-spot welding machines
-spot welding machine

Sheet bending

We manufacture:
-sheet metal parts ( max thickness 2,5 mm)
-bending of seamless and welded steel pipes ( max. outside diameter 10 mm, max wall thickness 1 mm)

We are equipped with
-Bihler automatic
-press applying to 60 ton of pressure

Pipe bending is performed on a pipe bending machine

Overmolding and fluidization process

-fluidization process


We manufacture tools for the production of products applicable to our production.

We also manufacture:
-welding jigs
-welding equipment
-injection mold
-finished product gauges

We provide services after agreeing on terms and conditions on the basis of customer documentation or documentation prepared by the contractor after its acceptance. Projects are performed by means of the following systems: Catia, SolidWorks, MasterCam.

We are equipped with CNC machine tools as follows:
-DMG MORI NLX2500SY turning machines
-GF Micron VCE 800 milling machines
-GF CUTE E 600 wire cut EDM