We specialize in the production of technical springs, elements for car seats and other products made of wire, pipe and sheet metal. We employ the latest technologies and have an ultra-modern tool room where we perform production and control tooling.

Our material base allows us to ensure punctuality of deliveries in accordance with the time expected by our customers.


-tension springs
-compression springs
-torsion springs
-torsion bars
-shaped springs made of wires and steel strips
-zig zag spring
-zig zag spring clips

Wire bending

Wire applicable to automotive industry, agd, electrotechnical, construction, agricultural, shipbuilding, medical and other industries.
Wire structural to cars seat.


We provide welding of sheet elements by the following methods:

Resistance welding

– multiple-head bending
– single-head bending

Bending of tubes and stamping

-sheet and tape elements
-seamless tubes and welded tubes (max outsider diameter 10mm)

Overmolding and fluidization process

-Injection mold
-Fluidization process


We manufacture:
– dies
– punches
– welding jigs
– injection mold
– welding equipment
– finished product gauges

Raw material


The manufactured products are delivered to our customers in the manner agreed upon between us. Products awaiting forwarding are stored in a high bay warehouse under controlled conditions.